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1. Main Unibody: Matt 3K, 4mm Carbon Fiber

2. 3D Printed Nylon Canopy

3. Black Aluminum M3 x 12mm Screws

4. Black Aluminum M3 Nylock Nuts

5. 20x200mm Guerrilla Drone Battery Strap with Silicon Grip

Overall frame weight: 101g

Suggested Components

Props 5" for the 210 size and 4" for the 180 size

Motors : 2204 or 2206

ESC's : 20-30A

LiPo : 1300mah 4s

FC : SP Racing, KISS FC.

HD Camera Mount: Creative DEX for GoPro 3, 3+, 4 and Session 4

FPV Camera: HS1177

So, it's finally here! The African Bullfrog Extended X Frame Afro BF-EX, the wait has been worth it... :)

It's a dream come true for us at Guerrilla Drone to be able to provide Pilots with an awesome, light weight, durable, and cool looking race frame...we can say with pride, and confidence, the Afro BF-EX is ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!

The Afro BF-EX, with simplicity in mind, while keeping a fresh looking 215mm frame design that represents our company with an exclamation point. The Afro BF-EX is made with high quality 4mm 3K twill carbon fiber MONO-PLATE, canopy is a Nylon 3D Printed pod, which is proven to be stronger than TPU and, better crash resistance.

The canopy was designed to reach extreme FPV Camera angle, up to 75-80 degrees (with the proper setup of PDB and FC ) for those Hard Core speed freaks! We also thought about an easy HD Camera mount design perfect for the most popular camera mount out there: The Creative Dex EXO Mount and Session Mount.

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Guerrilla Drone AFRO BF-EX

Frames - Guerrilla Drone AFRO BF-EX

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